Rabu, 29 April 2015

This's the new model of Ford Explorer

For the latest model year 2015 cars, Ford offers the color and the latest features to the Explorer with an additional package for Ford Explorer XLT.

This car model available by the end of this month with a more sporty and more comfortable to use with the addition of the latest technology features. This latest package car is included grille and mirror parts that have been painted metallic Magnetic, with a size of 20-inch alloy wheels.

With the bottom part of the car body and the inserts black colored interior steering Miko Suede genuine. Other features that are included on the side of the car Ford Explorer badge insignia is seen on the rearview mirror. Package car is equipped with additional technology upgrades such as SYNC and MyFord Touch, with two 4.2-inch color LCD screen on the instrument, color LCD touch screen size of 8 inches in the middle, as well as two additional USB port and SD card reader.

Update for 2015 car models already include 18-inch alloy wheels on this car model. Class III package is now a standard package for the Explorer Sport. There are an additional three new color for this car model, namely Bronze Metallic colors, metallic colors and Magnetic Metallic Raribou. Ford has sold more than 20,000 cars Explorer SUV in May for the first time since July 2005. This figure accounted for an increase of 21 percent compared to the month of May 2013.

source : fordsuvmicro.com

Senin, 27 April 2015

New Trucks Edition From Ford : Ford F 150 2015

Not only comes as the latest models alone, Ford-F150 2015 will also be strengthened with the new aluminum frame is sturdy.Base on FordSUVMicro.com For that Ford is working with Alcoa Inc., the company that produces aluminum blast shield anti specialized military vehicles.

Not only sturdy, aluminum frame which is embedded in the All-New Ford F-150 2015 proved to be milder and make the most of Ford pick-up truck is up to 340 kg lighter than its predecessor.

Using the latest Ecoboost engine with a capacity of 2.7 liters combined with the new 10-speed transmission and light-duty truck hybrid system fuel consumption of the latest generation Ford F-150 became more efficient, which is about 7.8 l / 100 km. All-New Ford F-150 2015 is reportedly designed using the design of the concept car is no less cool than the F-150's predecessor, the Ford Atlas Concept. Pickup truck Ford F-150 alerts in 2015 managed to beat its competitors through top safety rating from the federal regulations, as reported on page Slashgear. Car alerts automobile manufacturer based in Dearborn had been defeated several trucks, including General Motors, which won only one star rating is lower than the latest F-150. Ford F-150 Alert 2015 has been increased from the side of safety when the clash after undergoing safety tests to impact. Ford received a five-star rating for collision safety tests on the F-150 alerts in 2015, showing the displacement body to aluminum material does not necessarily represent a concern for consumers and beat the mid-size truck from GM

Ford GT New Release Performance Test

I do not know how many times Ford Mustang appeared in Hollywood action movies. Gone in 60 Seconds in 2000 and is one of the most memorable by the presence of Ford "Eleanor" Mustang Fastback 1967 Mustang Eleanor tenarnya So, outside of movie fans he redeemed at a price of US $ 1 million through the auction.

Latest movies Need For Speed ​​(NFS), which has slid in March also included a Mustang as one of the main star. Although you can see this is not like in the movie Shelby GT500 NFS, but the GT Premium remains excellent figure among muscle car enthusiasts in United States. Moreover, the body shape is very similar and 5,000 cc V8 engine that is used countless legendary. Anyone who saw must immediately reminded of the typical American fast cars.
Ford Mustang GT 2015
Ford Mustang GT 2015

Long engine hood and the driver's position protrudes backwards. While the body line is not a lot of behavior because of the flat but still muscular. Impressive on the outside, especially with the front face, not so with the inside. The interior feels more like a sedan medium that is used daily. Far from being powered sportscar. Wide dashboard design with flat and firm silhouette.

Not much can be di'utak-tweaking 'here, features are limited because even the great sailing headunit even he did not have. Aura interior feels normal. Material from the dashboard plastic and the overall quality was less special. One who entertained us while driving it is the instrument panel display large twin round. Speed ​​indicators used were mph (miles per hour). Typical American. Despite having a manual mode, but the 6-speed automatic transmission used is not equipped with paddle shifts behind the steering wheel. Instead there is a +/- button on the gearshift lever. As a result of its use are similar only to the Ford Fiesta more bulk. But as soon as we turn the ignition key, the sound of the V8 engine suddenly barked. Oh .. beautiful voice. When idle he rumbled softly, but when the gas pedal is pressed his voice turned grim. When the gear is inserted into.

Despite steady oncoming car had not stepped on the gas pedal. Should carefully pressing the gas pedal, if the surface is slippery like concrete or gravel, easy to spin the rear tire tenganya great result. Moreover, if not blow 420 hp and torque of 528 Nm. Output giants came from unit 4949 cc naturally aspirated V8. Engine technology uses twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) as there is in the machine Fiesta 1.5 and 1.6. While the aluminum material in the engine block beneficial in terms of weight. Although it was dynamic, but the best way to enjoy it is driving on the freeway at cruising speed. Needless to restless if European or Japanese fast cars overtake you in the corner, yet the Ford Mustang. The sound of the engine and its history has been made proud of anyone who has it.