Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Grand Rounds 2:35 Is Up

Magazine banner: the text reads: 'Grand Rounds 2:35, May 23 2006Grand Rounds 2:35 is up. Unless I am in a dentist's waiting room, I spurn voyeuristic real-life magazines that make me question what universe some people live in (but then, I'd read ingredient lists for paint-blends if I were waiting for a dentist...). However, my slightly shameful secret is that I am utterly fascinated by the insight into the working lives of people whose jobs mean that they meet other people at the best and worst times of their lives, and points in-between. So, this must serve as an explanation for my attraction to House and medblogs.

Thanks to the host, Dr. Emer of Parallel Universes, I have enough reading to dip in and out of for a full week. It is fascinating and has a clever layout along the style of a journal frontispiece. Dr. Charles has developed a protocol for identifying the Charles Sign. The Cheerful Oncologist extols the virtues of exercise (in a roundabout sort of way). Why taking medicine to treat heart-disease is seen as preferable to patients changing their lifestyle habits. There's an encounter between a jazz musician who doesn't like doctors and the doctor whom he consults. All in all, it is a fascinating read. I commend Grand Rounds to you.


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