Sunday, June 03, 2007

Paediatric Grand Rounds 2:4 Is Up!

Star - text is Paediatric Grand RoundsPaediatric Grand Rounds 2:4 is up, courtesy of Awesome Mom of Awesome Mom. I often recall one of my favourite posts by Awesome in which she discusses her thankfulness that her son Evan is no longer a chronically ill heart patient but transitioning to a normal child.

Awesome addresses the cold wind that has been blowing through the paediatric and wider medical blogging world and provides a dignified account of the recent, very public, travails of Dr. Flea. She discusses what Dr. Flea's blog had meant to her:
He wrote out many evidence based posts on things that were being widely discussed about children's health. His series of posts on vaccinations are treasures that may never be replaced. His looks at alternative therapies and possible causes for Autism were also reoccurring themes in his blog. I especially loved how tried to empower parents by teaching them to take care of simple illnesses at home, keeping sick kids out of the doctor's office. I will never look at Neosporin the same way again.
So, on with the motley for the remainder of PGR which covers why you need to plan carefully for any time your child is near water: Swimming: Fun Exercise or Dangerous Diversion? You decide! Picking up some of the slack from Dr. Flea, Dr. Scott knows that the treatment decisions for an earache or cold should be simple, but will the parents accept them?

The mercury malicia has attacked Arthur Allen for his cogent piece on the upcoming Autism Omnibus hearings: Dad of Cameron unleashes a robust response: You Got Nothing.

On the topic of Bad Science and whipping up hysteria over dramatic interpretations of science, rumour and popular concerns, we learn that WiFi wants to kill your children. Wellington Grey presents an excellent diagram to help us understand this nexus of dubious science, the precautionary principle and the megaphone of television.

Sandy is always an educational and entertaining read. For this PGR she offers several posts on the joy (and science) of sweets - do go and read them.

All this and more for some of the odd and interesting about paediatric healthcare.

Dr. Clark Bartram is looking for hosts for future PGRs. You can consult both the hosting schedule and earlier editions in the Paediatric Grand Rounds archive.

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